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The term car finance loan might sound newer to you; however, its working is pretty easy to understand. Car finance services in UK have become very popular over time because it's harder to arrange a lump sum upfront for buying a car. If the payment is spread over a period of months, it becomes convenient for the buyer to own a car. There are various car finance companies in the UK that provide complete cash coverage to buy the car, and you can later pay off the money or hand over other financial products which match the value of the car money.

How does UK car finance work?

Car financing plans can be tailored in regard to the time and amount you will be paying off. In order to select the best car finance deals in the UK, you first need to sort out what is more feasible for you. Either you can deposit a larger amount in the start to reduce monthly payments or you want to spread the money pay-back over a longer span so that you won't have to suffer a major financial burden.

Types of car finance services

To begin with, here are a few types of car finance

You cannot own the car until you're done paying the car finance loan installments. Additionally, the interest rate is also fixed and so is the amount for monthly payments. There are no defined annual mileage conditions or wear and tear fines either.

This plan surely falls into the best car finance deals in the UK. It can be tailored according to your convenience. You can define the time of the contract, as well as the annual mileage conditions. Moreover, the initial deposit amount can also be settled at your convenience.

It is similar to a hire purchase, with the exception that the repayment time spans a longer time. The monthly payments are higher as well.

  • Hire Purchase

    • You can spread the cost as well as the interest over a set period of time
    • An initial deposit is not mandatory, however, you can still make a deposit
    • You can also deposit your older car as a deposit
    • The payback time is usually from two to five years
    • A car finance calculator can be used to make the calculations.
  • Personal contract purchase

    • Lower monthly repayment
    • You can defer a combined cost to be paid at the end of the finance plan period, which is also known as a balloon payment
  • Conditional sale

    • No payments at the end of the auto finance plan
    • Spans over two to six years of time
    • Deposit a conditional sale plan, which is 10% of the value of the car.

Car finance with bad credit in the UK

Short on credit? No problem, Loans Desire links you to reliable lenders who do not keep credit conditions or do not review credit histories. In such a case direct lending is involved after a quick evaluation of your creditworthiness with a vehicle finance calculator, with a set of less complicated repayment conditions. The time to pay back the loan, with interest and the finance charge, is, however, defined. Direct lending enables you to predefine credit terms in advance too.

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