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As the name explains bridging loans fill the funding gaps just like ordinary bridges, which cover the physical gaps. Bridging loans by a business loan service can provide immediate cash flow at times when funding is needed but not apparently available. These are other types of short-term funding. Since these loans are readily provided and cover heavy expenses, they come with higher interest pay-backs or must be backed by collateral coverage.

If you're looking for well-trusted and best bridging loans or personal loan for business in the UK, Loans Desire will help you connect to the right lender for you! You can choose the lender from the panel we have on board. However, traditional lenders like bands do not offer any kind of convenience of choosing the lender yourself.

How do bridging loan work in UK?

Bridging loans work like any other personal business loan. The best example to explain how bridging loans work in UK or anywhere else is, if a person owns a house and wants to sell it to acquire a new one. However, the deal must be finalised immediately with a down payment. The house owner will be applying for a bridging loan in order to make the payment for the new house while they wait for their old house to sell. The money will then be used to pay back the short-term loan acquired to bridge the funding gap in the purchase of the new house. Bridging loans can serve as startup business loans if you're short on capital.

The mentionable drawback of bridging loans is that it comes with considerably higher interest rates compared to a bank loan for business. For instance, the lender can ask you to mortgage 80% of the combined properties. Hereby, the borrower should, later on, have ample cash in hand to pay back the amount or have significant home equity in the original property.

Types of bridging loans in UK

  • Closed bridging loan
    • Comes with a lower interest rate
    • Applicable over a predetermined time-frame
    • Higher certainty of repayment with easier terms
    • More likely to be accepted by lenders
  • Open bridging loan
    • No fixed pay-off time frame
    • Loan security is deducted from loan advance
    • More acceptable for borrowers who are unsure about the financial availability to repay
    • Higher interest rates
  • First charge bridging loan
    • Makes the lender the first-hand in charge of the property
    • Lower interest rates due to lower risk
  • Second charge bridging loan
    • Span over a small period of time usually 12 months
    • High-interest rates

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